Audits, Reviews and Compilations

D. Brooks and Associates CPA’s, P.A. is a registrant of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and can provide assurance services to public or private entities while delivering highly technical and professional service.  We specialize in serving as the Independent Registered Accounting Firm for small companies reporting with the SEC.  Assurance on financial statements allows businesses to provide users of the financial statements (lenders, investors, vendors, customers) the benefit of independent certification of financial health.  We can provide assurance services as follows:

          Audit - An audit provides the highest level of assurance possible and involves an in depth look at a business and its environment followed by extensive auditing procedures which generally include examination of agreements and documents supporting select transactions, analytical procedures and inquiry of company personnel.

           Review - A review provides less assurance than an audit in the form of negative assurance, which is assurance that nothing has come to our attention that leads us to believe that the financial statements are not free of material misstatement.  A review is generally less costly and procedures are usually limited to analytical review, inquiry and review of select agreements. 

        Compilation - A compilation involves us creating financial statements from information you provide without providing any assurance on whether or not the financial statements are prepared in accordance with US GAAP or another basis of accounting.

The decision on what level of assurance, if any, to obtain on financial statements is usually influenced by the requirements of users such as lenders and investors.


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