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Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Testing

The CPAs and CVAs at D. Brooks have years of expertise handling valuation and accounting for business combinations, including reverse mergers.  We provide valuation services related to the initial purchase price allocation required when a US GAAP reporting entity acquires another entity.  We also perform periodic impairment testing of intangible assets, including goodwill.  Our experience in this field has allowed us to gain expertise in numerous industries and utilize our extensive backgrounds to analyze purchase transactions and apply appropriate methodologies and concepts ranging from routine to highly subjective or complex.

Prepared by CPAs and CVAs

All reports comply with AICPA, NACVA, and USPAP valuation standards and are prepared by individuals with combined experience of over 50 years.

Firm Has Long History of US GAAP and Fair Value Experties

D. Brooks and Associates is lead by CPAs and CVAs with significant expertise in financial reporting under US GAAP and IFRS, including fair value measurements.

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