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Estate and Gift Tax Valuations

D. Brooks employs traditional valuation techniques that exploits opportunities to transfer assets at discounted rates to maximize the amount of assets that can be transferred under current lifetime gift tax exemptions.  D. Brooks has prepared numerous gift tax valuations for family limited partnerships, LLCs, and similar entities holding real estate, marketable securities, and interests in private entities.

Prepared by CPAs and CVAs

All reports comply with AICPA, NACVA, and USPAP valuation standards and are prepared by individuals with combined experience of over 50 years.

Highly Supportable Conclusions Based on Current Data, Subject to Quality Control

D. Brooks and Associates is lead by CPAs and CVAs with significant expertise in valuation for gift and estate tax purposes.   D. Brooks uses court-tested methodologies and current company, market, and economic data detailed in an extensive report filed with your estate or gift tax return.

Please provide the following information to schedule a meeting:

Thank you for your inquiry! Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you. You can also leave a voice message at (561) 429-6225.

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