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409A Vaulations

"409A" refers to a set of IRS rules and regulations related to deferred compensation. Company's that issue stock-based compensation, such as stock options, can run afoul of these regulations if they set the exercise price of stock options below fair market value at the time of grant, exposing employees to potentially significant unexpected penalties and taxes.  A 409A Valuation Report properly prepared by a CVA, demonstrates compliance withe these rules and regulations, and addresses potential risks relevant to auditors, lenders and potential investors or buyers.

Prepared by CPAs and CVAs

All reports comply with AICPA, NACVA, and USPAP valuation standards and are prepared by individuals with combined experience of over 50 years.

Narrative Report Supports IRS Compliance and Financial Reporting of Equity Compensation Expense

D. Brooks and Associates is lead by CPAs and CVAs with significant expertise in financial reporting under US GAAP and IFRS. 

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